Drought Bulletin for SE Europe

Drought bulletin for SE Europe was formed in the scope of DMCSEE project in the framework of the Transnational Cooperation Programme. Please find more information (including Newsletters etc.) in section: TCP project.

Recently, we have started to publish Drought Bulletin for SE Europe. Bulletin contains following sections:
  • Hot spot: short (100 to 200 words) summary, possibly including a figure. It aims at very short insight of possible circumstances of drought at the time of issue.
  • Additional and auxiliary information such as methology used, more detailed information on water balance and temperature situation.
  • Report on impacts: content of this section is based on information available in electronic media on the internet. To improve the information, you are most welcome to participate by informing us of drought impacts in the current season in your region. Send your contribution and comments through our contact. Also any other comments on the bulletin content are highly appreciated.
Please find published issues of bulletins in PDF format below.

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