« back 2nd DMCSEE Meeting of the Ad-hoc group and 4th Global Water Partnership IDMP-CEE workshop

Romania, Bucharest, April 20-22 2015

The 2nd DMCSEE Meeting of the Ad-hoc group took place back-to-back with the 4th Global Water Partnership (GWP) Integrated Drought Management Programme – Central and Eastern Europe (IDMP-CEE) workshop which was held in Bucharest, Romania, from 20th to 22nd April 2015. The Meeting of the Ad-hoc group was enabled by World Meteorological Organization (WMO) with financial assistance for members participation.

The meeting gathered 6 experts of Ad-hoc group of DMCSEE from Romania, Hungary, Greece, FYRO Macedonia and Slovenia. On request of WMO Georgian delegation (representatives from Georgian Hydrometeorological Service) and representatives of WMO presented their activities in the meeting and join the discussion about possible future cooperation with regional activities. The meeting follows on the decisions of last ISC DMCSEE meeting in 2014 and addressed the challenges of operational work of DMCSEE.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the review of the Ad-hoc group tasks and the progress made by the group from last ISC meeting in autumn 2014. The discussion on the implementation of DMCSEE products and data availability within DMCSEE was managed by chairman of the Ad-hoc group Szandor Szalai. The group agreed on the next steps and actions to move forward with the activities related to DMCSEE sustainable work.

The second part of the meeting was joined with the IDMP project. It aimed at identifying the results of IDMP CEE project and ideas for IDMP CEE follow-up projects. It attempted to scope the interest of IDMP partners in developing a project proposals and framing them in different project calls applications. The workshop participants agreed to take further this work in the following topics: drought monitoring and forecast, drought risk assessment, drought management and drought cost estimation. A compilation of proposals was prepared.

More information (agenda, list of participants and minutes) could be found in Members Section.

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