« back 25th Anniversary of Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe

Regional Environmental Center (REC) for Central and Eastern Europe was established (with notable support of the United States, the European Union and Hungary)  in 1990,  25 years ago. Its mission is  to catalyse and facilitate transition and build a sustainable future for the region and beyond. The anniversary was celebrated on June 11, 2015 in REC headquarters in Szentendre, Hungary.

The 25th Anniversary of REC marks a fundamental milestone in the life of the organisation and its future. It needs new strategy beyond  regional implementation of the most important traits of the global development agenda (including the UN Sustainable Development Goals).

Important part of REC mission is to build communication channels to public, both to general public and interest groups. Journalists are crucial brokers in communication flow. Therefore it was natural decision to organize in scope of the anniversary celebration a short training for group of journalists from the region on environmental issues, mainly focused on drought. In cooperation with DMCSEE, some facts on occurrence, impacts, predictability and mitigation measures were presented and discussed with participating journalists.