« back Workshop Agrometeorologists for farmers in hotter, drier, wetter future & Informal DMCSEE meeting

9-11 November 2016, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The workshop »Agrometeorologists for farmers in hotter, drier, wetter future« and informal DMCSEE meeting was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 9th to 11th November 2016 and was attended by 45 participants. The event was funded by Solco W. Tromp Foundation and World Meteorological Organization and Global Water Partnership was primarily addressed to agrometeorologists of Central and Southern European countries.

Main topics of eleven invited lecturers were meteorological support to agrometeorological services, climate change impacts on agriculture and food security, some examples of good practices etc. In the section Work in break groups all participating countries presented their national agrometeorological services, defined gaps in knowledge, existing practices and collected recommendations for future research, development and networking.

Additionally, for DMCSEE participants event was concluded with informal DMCSEE meeting on Friday, 11th November 2016, where past year work and future plans were presented. Special focus was on project work (mainly DRiDanube project) and other options for financing possibilities in the framework of cooperation among DMCSEE partners.

Some photos, agenda, list of participants, participants contact, presentations of invited lecturers and presentations of participants, which were presented in section during groups work, are attached.

More information and materials from ISC meeting and workshop for ISC members could be found in Members Section.


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