« back DriDanube update on DMCSEE - Third of the 4 results

In September 2019 DriDanube - Drought Risk in the Danube region project has officially come to an end and its four main results are now finalised and ready for use.

With this news we would like to direct you to an easy-to-read description of the third DriDanube result:

1. New drought monitoring tool - to achieve improvement of drought monitoring by operational innovative service,
2. National drought reporting networks - to unify drought impact assessment across the region,
3. Drought risk maps for entire region through unified approach - to ensure we see areas vulnerable to drought through the same calculating approach,
4. Strategic document on drought management at national level - to contribute to proactive drought emergency response.

It describes newly-prepared maps of drought risk over the 10 Danube coutnries, which indicate the areas prone to rainfall deficit and areas where significant drought hazard and/or considerable crop losses are expected.

You are encouraged to read about it at the bottom of the following page: DriDanube tab on DMCSEE.

Updates on the last project result is also going to be published at the link above.