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8-9 June 2021

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) hosted a 2-day online workshop in collaboration with the UK Met Office and GOPACom to understand how climate data is currently used in the Danube region and wider in SE Europe, and what datasets or tools are needed to help decision makers to plan for current and future climate change in the Danube Basin.

As an established consortium of SE Europe countries overcoming drought issues as a transboundary community, the Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe was invited to share its work and findings on the base of 15 years of experience, as well as recent developments under DMCSEE through international projects. Other regional speakers included ICPDR, WWF, while the programme was enriched also with practical case study examples from National Meteorological Administration of Romania, and Copernicus Climate Data Store and tools by ECMWF.

The interactive sessions with groups split by climate hazard (drought, flood, heatwaves) and later on by sectors (agriculture&forestry, ecology&water management, insurance&policy, national hydromet. services&research) offered a great opportunity for expressing the obstacles and needs that the region is facing, and what data or tools would help to tackle these challenges.

Findings from the workshop will soon be posted here.

Among others, a number of interesting and helpful links were shared among the community:
Agroclimatic indicators from 1951 to 2099 derived from climate projections
Copernicus seasonal forecasts of river discharge
European State of Climate 2020 video
Copernicus Training Platform
WECTOU platform, a weather and climate for tourism operational service by MeteoRomania
Drought Watch tool for near-real-time drought monitoring
Danube Drought Strategy document and other DriDanube project results