« back Workshop: Water Scarcity and Drought Risk Management in the Danube Region

Online, 20-21 September 2021

The thought that the workshop evolved around was that managing drought in the (Danube) countries needs to be conceptualized, considering drought as a slow-onset disaster can have devastating impacts across various sectors, in the society and the ecosystems. While there is no specific EU legislation dedicated to drought, the existing national policies and sectoral instruments in different water-related fields need to be used and integrated since individual existing policy only partially or marginally relates to drought.

The World Bank and Global Water Partnership CEE organised a Danube Drought Workshop Beyond Scarcity: Water Scarcity and Drought Risk Management in the Danube Region” to provide a forum for exchange on good practice approaches and options to address the issue in order to make the region more resilient against such extreme events.

The event sessions were enriched with the expertise from EUSDR, ICPDR, DMCSEE, Ministry of the Environment Slovakia, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, Environment Agency Austria and General Directorate of Water Management Hungary, and targeted:

1. Approaches for water scarcity and drought risk management
2. Relevance of water scarcity and droughts in the Danube region
3. Impacts and response approaches of water-related sectors
4. Pathways, policy & regulatory approaches to improve resilience against water scarcity & drought
This workshop was not only an opportunity to take stock of past and ongoing projects and initiatives in the Danube region, it also aimed at understanding better how the current situation can be improved and how to progress towards the Drought Risk Management models explained in the sections.

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