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Country profile


Area: 131,990 km2 (water: 0.89%)
Population: (estimate) 11,244,118
Population density: 85 /km2
Data obtained from WMO:
Number of meteorological stations in WMO GOS catalog: 49
GOS stations density: 0.37 /1000 km2
Data obtained by questionnaire:
Number of automatic weather stations (AWS): 33
AWS density: 0.25 /1000 km2 (Remark: 30% of AWSs report more than 50% missing values)
Number of manned meteorological stations (measuring at least precipitation): 88
Manned stations density: 0.66 /1000 km2
Number of soil moisture measurement sites:
Number of groundwater measurement sites:
Data on soil type available?
Data on soil water holding capacity available?