Joint DMCSEE - JRC Workshop

Ljubljana, 21st - 25th September 2009

Workshop was organized jointly and financed by Environmental Agency of Slovenia, which is hosting DMCSEE, and EU's Joint Research Centre - Institute for Environment and Sustanability. Main topic of the workshop was prezentation of state-of-art in drought monitoring tools in Europe - mainly European Drought Observatory (which is available on-line in test mode) and to get acquainted with on-going DMCSEE activities for preparation of SEE regional drought monitoring tools.

Presentations (in PDF format) and some photographs taken during the workshop are available below.


Related documents

  • Presentation of JRC activities (8,8MB)
    Presentation of Drought Activities at JRC - Development of a prototype for the European Drought Observatory, presented by Stefan Niemeyer (JRC).
  • Presentation of DMCSEE activities (1,1MB)
    Presentation of Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe (DMCSEE) activities, presented by Gregor Gregorič (EARS).
  • Presentation on Drought Indices (2MB)
    Presentation of Drought Indices and related software by Andrej Ceglar (Biotechnical faculty, University of Ljubljana).
  • Presentation on Drought Forecasting Methods (2,4MB)
    Blaž Kurnik (JRC).