Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe (DMCSEE)
SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme


In past decades the drought-related damages have had large impact on the economy and welfare. The vulnerability to drought impacts in South-east Europe (SEE) is higher in comparison to neighboring regions. Trans-national integrated approach is therefore necessary for successful tracking of drought, comparing its impacts using common methodology and assessing vulnerability of various sectors on drought occurrence. The main aim of this project and DMCSEE is to improve drought preparedness (risk assessment and early warning system) and to reduce drought impacts.

The duration of DMCSEE TCP Project was 36 months from April 2009 to March 2012. The partnership of the project consisted of 9 ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) Partners, 5 IPA partners (Innovations for Poverty Actions) and one 10% partner.

The project Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe (DMCSEE) was co-financed by European Union through South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme.

In the frame of the DMCSEE TCP project MONTHLY BULLETINS started to be published.