Drought Management Centre for Southeastern Europe - DMCSEE

Drought is a normal part of climate in virtually all regions of the world. Southeastern Europe is no exception; in past decades the drought-related damages have had large impact on the economy and people's welfare. The need to establish a Drought Management Center for SE Europe (DMCSEE) to alleviate the problems caused by drought in the region became evident at the end of the past century. The idea was further elaborated by International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage and the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). The UNCCD national focal points and national permanent representatives of the World Meteorological Organization have agreed upon the core tasks of the DMCSEE and the proposed project document.

The DMCSEE mission is to coordinate and facilitate the development, assessment and application of drought risk management tools and policies in Southeastern Europe with the goal of improving drought preparedness and reducing drought impacts. DMCSEE focuses its operational work on monitoring drought, and developing and applying risk-management tools and policies
in relation to drought.


DMCSEE Project Proposal